Our name "Walking Boss" comes from the log driving days on the Connecticut River Valley. The term "Walking Boss" defines a man who was in charge of the day-to-day duties of a logging operation during 1850's - 1920's.


Sherry's great grandfather Alphonse (Phonse) Roby was a Walking Boss for the Connecticut Valley Lumber Company. He was in charge of the last log drive down the Connecticut River in 1916 from Pittsburg, N.H. to Mt. Tom, MA. (254 miles).

Riding logs in the cold spring waters was life-threatening work. River drivers commonly used suspenders in lieu of belts not only hold their pants up, but if they fell in the water, they were used to grab the men to safety; suspenders were important in assuring what little safety a man had.

We thought it only appropriate to use grandpa's title, as it is a way to carry the history of the Connecticut River Valley and the importance of the product and its quality throughout the years.

This new web site is in memory of my husband, Sherry Belknap, who not only wore suspenders, he also supported me through this great adventure.

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