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Be sure that your pants have buttons in order to wear the leather button style suspender. The suspenders attach to the button located on the waist line of the pants.

If there are not interior buttons on your pants attach a pair of bachelor buttons in order to wear button hole suspenders.

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New suspenders

Tim McManus on Apr 29th 2024

I've been wearing your rainbow suspenders for several years. Luv the suspenders but wish the leather on the back two straps was thinner. I have to rremove/replace the buttons every time I change to a pair of clean jeans.

1st review

Mr. Sunshine on Dec 17th 2023

I love these suspenders, I have been wearing them for years they are very comfortable and last a long time.

New suspenders

Tim McManus on Jun 2nd 2023

I've been ordering from you for quite some time and my only negaticve comment has to do withthe thickness of the leather on the rear straps. I have to undo the buttons in order to change pants. The leather is too thick to just slip on the button as the front straps do.